Our Partners


Grinnell Place has been providing services to Unibet for nearly a decade. When Unibet first contacted our staff, they were having trouble reaching out to potential clients and were looking to expand their reach and grow their online betting services. Unibet also offers online casinos with ideal to cater to the needs of Dutch clients.

Our staff

Our staff developed a solid marketing plan that helped Unibet market their services, increasing the company’s profits by over 75% in just the first year. Since that time, Unibet has grown from a client base of around 150 clients, to more than 50,000 clients in more than a dozen countries.

our company

The owners of Unibet recently provided us with a written testimonial that is framed in our company headquarters. This testimonial credits Grinnell Place with the majority of Unibet’s success, and states that the company would likely have folded years ago without the marketing expertise of our staff.

BGO Casino

BGO Casino is a company in Northern Ireland that provides online gaming services to clients in several countries. BGO Casino was one of our first clients and we credit them with our continued success and viability. In the early days of Grinnell Place, Mr. Grinnell often thought of adjusting his services and moving away from the online casino sector. The founder of BGO Casino was so impressed with Mr. Grinnell’s work that he encouraged him to continue on with his mission. Since that time, Grinnell Place and BGO Casino have worked to promote each other. We have helped BGO Casino increase their profits by 183% in the two decades we have been serving them. In return, BGO has referred more than 30 other clients to us.
Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas was one of our first clients from outside the UK and contacted us in early 2000 to provide reputation management services for their online gambling division. At that time, due to local regulations, Leo Vegas was facing a closure and wasn’t sure how to stay in business. The staff at Grinnell Place was able to research these laws and help advocate for changes that would allow Leo Vegas to stay in business. Leo Vegas is now a viable multi-million dollar company that is constantly expanding and providing gambling services to more clients in more countries. The owner of Leo Vegas credits Grinnell Place with the company’s success and believes that our staff kept them from filing bankruptcy in the dark days when the local government was trying to end online gambling in that country.

Kroon Casino

Kroon Casino is a fairly new client here at Grinnell Place. We first partnered with Kroon Casino in 2010. At that time, Kroon Casino was a thriving company based in Scotland, and had a solid client base to which they provided a diverse range of online gambling services. However, the staff at Kroon is not satisfied with “good enough” and wanted help to reach more clients and become better. As a result, they reached out to the staff at Grinnell Place. In the last six years, we have helped Kroon Casino increase their gaming offerings by 12%, which increased their profit margin by approximately 53%. The founder of Kroon Casino has personally visited the Grinnell Place headquarters to express his thanks, and says he will personally talk to potential clients and provide a testimonial whenever possible.


WilliamHill Casino was founded by Mr. William Hill, a personal friend and colleague of Mr. Grinnell. Mr. Hill founded his establishment after seeing the successes of the many clients that Mr. Grinnell has helped propel into the spotlight.


WilliamHill Casino offers a wide variety of games to clients, and has one of the best frequent player rewards programs in the industry. This program was developed by the staff at Grinnell Place and is one of the main reasons for WilliamHill’s stunning success. This casino is based in Glasgow and has clients in nearly every country that allows online gaming. Mr. Hill contributes his successes to the hard work of the staff at Grinnell Place, and continually refers new business to us. Mr. Hill graciously wrote a written testimonial that we have framed at our Glasgow headquarters, and we are proud to partner with this online gaming establishment.