How We Work

achieve this goal

Our partners expect us to make their presence felt loud and clear in the crowded online space. In order to achieve this goal, we work hard towards creating an attractive website, building quality campaigns and posting engaging content on social media platforms. Here’s a step by step approach of how we handle our projects:


All our projects begin with a consultation meeting. You explain your business requirements and goals. Keeping these in mind we may ask you details about existing campaigns, websites and social media profiles used by your brand. We also check the current ROI and new ROI goals for your brand. This is a crucial meeting since it sets expectations for both parties.

Our clients

Our clients are located around the globe. So, this meeting is not necessarily going to be held face to face. We can meet over a video conference or even discuss your requirements on a call. We strongly believe that communication is the key to strong business ties, and this is why we take the time to understand your requirements from our team.

product or service

Additionally, we also information specific to your product or service which can help us research and plan a solution more effectively.

Research And Planning

After the first consultation, our team starts researching your industry, your competitors – local and global, the target audience, online campaigns for similar products and services.
tailored solution

This in-depth research helps us plan a tailored solution which effectively meets your business goals. Our research results are combined to identify patterns for successful campaigns in your industry. We also look for competitors who have been successful in your target markets and identify their marketing strategies. All of this leads to careful planning of the project.

Our plans can be extensive or very limited based on your requirements. For example, if you want to increase your web traffic by improving SEO then our research and planning will be focused on SEO strategies only. But if you would like to invest in social media campaigning as well as PPC campaigns to increase your online presence and get more web traffic then our planning will be more elaborate and include more than one campaign.

Sharing the Draft

Once our project planning is completed, we will share a draft of the steps we will take to achieve your business goals. This will include details of the campaigns we aim to run and the amount of time for which the campaigns will run. It will also include the social media platforms on which your business reach will be expanded and the ad campaigns which will be used. If you have requested for offline campaigns, then we will prepare data on which places would be ideal for advertising your brand. Our team will work closely with you to incorporate necessary changes in the draft and to discuss the budget for the campaigns. Once the draft for the project is finalized, we will begin working on the project. It is ideal to make all required changes when the draft is shared so that our resources can be focused on preparing content which will be useful for your business.

Acting on the Approved Plan

We start working as soon as the plans are approved. Based on the extent and complexity of the project it may involve one or several team members and may require a lot of time. We share regular updates of the project with you to keep you updated on the work that is completed and to incorporate any changes in the plans as early as possible. By regularly sharing the content with you, we are also able to keep you informed on the course of the project and the length of time it may take to complete. Our marketing services involve a wide range of online and offline services to create your brand’s presence in the target markets. Some of our projects may run for months while others can be completed in just a few days. We have created lasting relationships with many clients who use our services regularly for their marketing needs. For many of these companies, we work as an extension of their in-house marketing team.

Measuring Results and Tracking the Campaigns

As the plans begin to take shape and the campaigns are launched, we begin to measure the results of every online campaign. We also monitor your web traffic to find out how our marketing efforts have impacted your web traffic and conversions. Our team will share regular reports with you to help you notice the impacts of our marketing campaigns. By helping our clients enjoy higher ROI with the help of innovative and engaging marketing campaigns, we ensure that they enjoy higher profitability and an improved market reputation. This automatically helps us achieve our business goals which are tied closely with the success of our clients.