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Our online marketing project with Amsterdams casino

Online marketing within the online casino industry can be divided in various activities. First of all it is important to set up a good base for the company website. At Grinnell Place we will always start with some research in order to find details which can be improved. We will take a look at the online casino and report our findings to the team.


Together, we create a custom proposal to our clients with all the bulletpoints attached. Why is marketing so important these days? Well, the online competition is growing every day and in order to stay relevant you should really invest in your online casino. It is a smart move to let an expert look into your current marketing plan, because there could always be more room for adjustments.

marketing services

Grinnell Place divided our marketing services in to online and offline activities. If we take a look at online marketing, the possibilities are endless. From social media to blogpost, from content writing to advertisement; we can provide all the services you’ll need. The most important task for us is to implement a good SEO to the website.

online marketing industry

This is the most important activity within the online marketing industry, because the search engine optimization can build your visibility the world in a very short time. We did this to the website of Amsterdams casino by just adding the right keywords and content. In just a few clicks we increased the ranking of their website, which resulted in a higher amount of online traffic. They offer exciting slot games like Monopoly Live/a>

marketing strategies

Ofcourse Grinnell Place not only improved the SEO of Amsterdams Casino, we also worked on their reputation by implementing the right marketing strategies.
right target audience

We had to make sure that we reached the right target audience. In order to decide your audience, you should take a look at your main priority clients or customers and their online behavior. Next to the online activities, we believe it is also very important to provide offline services such as the campaigns of different programs. This is how you can trigger your audience while they are on the road, waiting outside or even visiting a cinema. The result of offline campaigns and advertisements are that when the audience are finally home, they will start playing at their computer or smartphone. This is also what happened at Amsterdams Casino and even increased the amount of players on a daily basis.

best part of our job

The best part of our job is to create content which is able to spread in a very short time: viral marketing. Viral marketing has the goal to reach out to a high amount of viewers, which can also cause some controversy. Unfortunately we cannot always guarantee our clients that the post or content actually will go viral.

marketing services

If you are interested in working together with Grinnell Place, please get in touch! On our website you can read more about our different types of marketing services and our previous clients such as Amsterdams Casino. We would be gladly inform you about all of the possibilities and can also offer you custom projects. Together we can increase your online visibility!